mercredi 12 décembre 2018

Retrieving earthliness / Augustin Berque

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto International Symposium, 13-14 December 2018
Humanities on the ground: Confronting the Anthropocene in Asia

Retrieving earthliness

Philosophy and practice of natural farming in Japan 

by Augustin Berque
Champ de blé dans le Morvan
(Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, 1842, Musée des Beaux Arts de Lyon)

Abstract – Modern agriculture has become the worst example of our present civilization’s unsustainability. It kills the soil with its chemical fertilizers and heavy machinery, destroys the biosphere and poisons consumers with its pesticides, tortures animals, decimates peasantry and depopulates the countryside with its industrial logic, while playing havoc with the landscape owing to its technical needs. In a word, it has become both an antinatural and an antihuman activity. Instead, a transmodern conception of the relationship of nature and humanity is proposed, discussing in particular some concrete examples of natural farming in Japan. 

Keywords – Agriculture, Fukuoka, Imanishi, Kawaguchi, Mesology, Modernity, Nature, Okada, Paradigm, Science, Transmodernity. 

Summary : § 1. Why modernity should be overcome ; § 2. Renaturing science ; § 3. Renaturing agriculture ; Conclusion : natura natura semper.