mercredi 19 juin 2019

Where is knowledge ? / Augustin Berque

Atonality and its Permeation (Frantisek Foltyn, 1929)
Paru dans Dokkyo kokusai kôryû nenpô / Dokkyo international review, XIV, 2001, 67-90.
International conference on Knowledge and Place Sôka, Dokkyo University, 9-10 December 2000

Where is knowledge ?

In the mediate data of the unconscious

Augustin BERQUE 

Abstract : Does knowledge have a place ? Is it in the evening glow? Knowledge depends on who knows. Who knows, for example, what knowledge is ? Accordingly, as there are about six billions humans on Earth, one can easily surmise that there are six billions possible definitions of knowledge. Yet it is generally admitted that philosophers have a certain privilege in defining such a thing, since the nature of a philosopher (philosophos phusis) 1 is to love knowledge, and people are supposed to know what they love or hate. Unhappily, this is only a commonly held opinion, and philosophers despise opinion. They call that form of knowledge doxa or pistis, and they say that it can only grasp the shadows of things, that is relative beings, not true Being. Yet, after having discussed about Being for two and a half millenia, they have concluded that they cannot say what it is, but only how it seems to be. In other words, they have closed the circle of knowledge back to opinion.

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