mercredi 30 octobre 2019

Recouvrer la Terre / Augustin Berque

Colloque Le Regard écologique – Centre de l’Université de Chicago à Paris, 23-24 mai 2019 – 


par Augustin Berque 

Bonifazio Veronese, non daté
L'adoration des bergers, détail (Bonifazio Veronese, non daté)
Abstract – Modern agriculture has become the worst example of our present civilization’s deterrestration. It kills the soil with its chemical fertilizers and heavy machinery, destroys the biosphere and poisons consumers with its pesticides, tortures animals, decimates peasantry and depopulates the countryside with its industrial logic, while playing havoc with the landscape owing to its technical needs. In a word, it has become both an antinatural and an antihuman industry. Instead, a transmodern, onto/logical (both logical and ontological) conception of the relationship of earth/the Earth and Humankind is proposed, discussing in particular Heidegger’s interpretation of the existential operator als (as).

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